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Venture Smarter's technology and government experts help leaders plan, fund, and deploy solutions that leverage IoT and advanced technology to create better places to work and live. Meet the team.


As A Service

The Venture Smarter Portal seamlessly connects you with solutions, resources, and opportunities in the smart city and emerging technology space. Get started for free. Learn More.


Best Practices

Venture Smarter works with IEEE, ICF, OSG, and other leaders to open source agile and interoperable smart city technology standards, solution certifications, and planning guidelines. Learn More.



Ask us about Regional Initiatives!

Regional Smart Cities Initiatives use organized leadership events, showcases and summits to educate and align stakeholders around actionable opportunities and solutions. Learn More.

 Smart City + IoT Marketplace

The Venture Smarter Marketplace and Exchange will launch for the public this Fall, allowing users to connect directly with products, resources, solution stacks, and industry partners that are all Smart City Certified. Learn More.


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New opportunities, teaming partners, solution validations, project or program advocacy, and strategic support

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Smart City planning, funding sourcing, community engagement, validated solution procurement, and strategic support

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Research and grant support, community engagement and coalition building, program development and support