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val - your smart cities personal assistant

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Val is your personal assistant for smart city planning.  

Anil Menon Keynote Speaker at Venture Smarter's Smart Regions Conference 2017

Smart Solutions, Beyond City Limits

At Venture Smarter's 2017 Smart Regions Conference, Cisco's Global President for Smart+ Connected Communities Anil Menon stressed the importance of regional collaborations in smart city planning. View Event Recap.


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Venture Smarter matches government, business, and academic users with tools, resources, and teaming partners on and offline. We are driving efforts around smart city technology and planning standards - and supporting regional efforts that focus on collaboration around the pillars of smart cities: connectivity, mobility, security, and sustainability. (Ask us about Regional Smart Cities Initiatives and The Guide to the Technology and Process to Build a Smart City.)



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We are known for our strategy and leadership, but recently previewed a digital space to connect our community to resources, solutions, and opportunities. New platform tools leveraging a.i. focus on business intelligence and process management. (Request access to Val, your smart cities assistant.)


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Venture Smarter is dedicated to building smart and connected communities with solutions that reach beyond city limits. We are committed to building better places to live, work, and visit. Get in touch to learn more about subscriptions, strategic support resources, or upcoming events and initiatives.