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Venture Smarter's people, platform, and resources help leaders research, plan, fund, and deploy smart technology solutions to create better places to live, study, work, and visit. Technology standards, planning frameworks, leadership network, project financing, stakeholder engagement, smart city master planning.


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Smart Planning & Governance

We help government leaders research, plan, fund, and deploy smart city solutions; and we help solution providers connect to new teaming partners and resources to speed up the time to market for efforts that use technology as a tool to create better places to live, work, and visit. 

We have been working with industry leaders to develop and release IEEE P2784, The Guide to the Technology and Planning Process to Build A Smart City. The focus is on interoperability, security, and resilience. To further support interdisciplinary collaborations, we launched Regional Smart Cities Initiatives to educate and align stakeholders around available resources and addressable opportunity areas.


Internet of Everything


The digital transformation is sweeping across sectors as businesses, governments, and universities alike continue to integrate technology and the Internet of Things into outdated systems and infrastructure to cut costs, generate new revenue, and optimize efficiency.

Venture Smarter's technology standards, planning framework, and solution certifications help planners save time and mitigate risk. Resources help solution providers connect to new teaming partners and direct opportunities to boost the bottom line. In Greater Cincinnati, our initiatives have done just that, bringing together more than 750 businesses and organizations resulting in a public-private-partnership, new government projects, and business growth opportunities.


Smart Platform & A.I. Assistant

Venture Smarter's discovery and collaboration platform is reserved for validated solution providers, resource centers, and solution seekers. This is a great place to connect to new partners and opportunities, as well as to unlock digital tools to save time and reduce frustrations in project management and procurement.

The tools we are building are designed to streamline interdisciplinary teaming, project and process management, and procurement redundancies. Digital tools created by Venture Smarter use artificial intelligence to provide predictive and personalized support to project planners, vendors, and collaborators. Early adopters are able to preview 'Val,' your personal assistant for smart city planning. 



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> Venture Smarter will host Second Smart Regions Congress in Washington DC (2/15)
> Venture Smarter leads IEEE-SA Smart Cities Standards Committee (P2784)
> Venture Smarter Communities* pass 20,000 users benchmark
> Venture Smarter government tool kit now available
> Venture Smarter joins the NIST GCTC Wireless Supercluster



Discover, plan, fund, and deploy smart technologies and strategies

Streamline public-private-partnerships and digital transformation efforts


Nonprofit, NGO, and Association partnerships are now available. Contact us.



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