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unlock Smart City Planning as a service leveraging people + Technology


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About Venture Smarter

Venture Smarter is actively leading and supporting engagements driven by validated technology and process standards. Venture Smarter supports stakeholders with proprietary tools and resources to support the planning of smart cities, connected campuses, and advanced facilities. Customers may use the online portal to interact with Venture Smarter staff and resources, as well as with teaming partners and opportunities. Users pay a monthly license fee to utilize Venture Smarter resources and may choose to engage Venture Smarter for direct integrated or enterprise level support on a recurring retainer plan.

Smart City Planning

As A Service


venture smarter

Tools & Services


The Venture Smarter Portal is a resource to map opportunities, identify solutions, and utilize resources to support research and implementation efforts for smart cities, connected campuses, and advanced facilities.

powered by artificial intelligence

Set your preferences and enjoy automated alerts and reminders as well as access to a.i. powered opportunity and lead generation.


In between innovation and implenetation at the intersection of technology and policy. 

powered by Experts

Venture Smarter enterprise and integrated partners tap the industry brain trust for intensive support in navigating the shifting landscape of technology, government, commerce, and implementation. 


Smart Cities require standards that are agile, scalable, and modular, promoting interoperable solution sets across sectors.

Validated Technology protocols

IEEE and other standards organizations have adopted the Venture Smarter smart city technology standards.

Validated Planning process

Proven, agile process planning guidelines to support stakeholders at any stage of the smart city journey.



Dedicated experts with proprietary support tools.

Powered by People and Technology

Your smart city support team is always available, and always working to support your efforts.


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