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Powering smart governance and growth across cities, regions, and industries



Our government and technology experts come from The White House, State Department, Congress, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and leading enterprise organizations. Venture Smarter helps governments, businesses, and universities research, plan, fund, and develop projects, technologies, and strategies aimed at building smart cities, regions, and industries.



Venture Smarter is leveraging artificial intelligence and digital tools to connect members and partners to each other, to targeted insights and analytics, and to real-time information about active projects, resources, and opportunities. 



Venture Smarter is dedicated to building collaboration communities across agencies and sectors. Community members connect online and offline around active projects and opportunities, at local and regional events and initiatives, and in thought leadership circles and efforts. Become a part of the community and build the future with us. 



Venture Smarter is your partner for smart planning and growth. We provide end-to-end support for solution providers, real estate developers, financing groups, project planners, and their partners to research, plan, fund, and develop smart facilities, campuses, and innovation districts.


'Labs' focuses on innovation projects and commercialization. Our team invests time, dollars, and resources to help innovative companies go to market. Portfolio companies have focus areas ranging from logistics and transportation technologies to artificial intelligence and quantum computing. 


How will you Venture Smarter?

Tap the brain trust for strategic support, connect with a network of opportunities and collaborators, or become a part of the conversation at an upcoming event.