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Venture Smarter's people, platform, and standards cut the chaos out of the digital transformation

"Our proprietary mapping solution helps identify where you are in the digital transformation space. Our matchmaking platform does the leg work aggregating and connecting you to validated solutions, opportunities, resources, and support,"

-Zack Huhn, President, Venture Smarter

Venture Smarter - People


Helping governments, universities, and businesses plan, fund, and implement innovative solutions and programs

Venture Smarter - Platform


The collaborative brain trust lives on and offline via the Venture Smarter Portal and Regional Initiatives

Venture Smarter - Standards


Our technology standards, planning framework, and solution certifications ensure interoperability and help planners mitigate risk



Don't just take it from us


"It's these connections between different stakeholders that can help solve real problems in cities today."

-Mike Stanley; CEO, TRANSITX


"Outstanding concept! It's kind of like matchmaking for emerging ideas and the powers who can bring them to market. Incredible minds, boundless energy, and determination to serve our world with the right kinds of change."

-Melissa Kirby; CIO, SocialHive


"Venture smarter has helped me get insights into problems realized by my core focus client base so they can match my solutions with their core issues."

-Jon Salisbury; CTO; Nexigen



Our Vision

Enhancing outcomes for people

Smart City solutions use technology as a tool to create better outcomes for people, businesses, and institutions. People, not products, will drive the deployment decisions while interoperable standards will ensure solutions work seamlessly city to city, state to state, and region to region. Venture Smarter is dedicated to using smart city solutions to improve outcomes in developed and developing regions worldwide.


our efforts in action

About Us

Working hard behind the scenes

Venture Smarter authored the IEEE Smart City Technology and Planning Standards and is behind launching Regional Smart Cities Initiatives. Get in touch to learn more or join us at an upcoming smart cities event. 

Led by industry experts in

Government + Technology


Led by technology and government experts

Venture Smarter is democratizing smart city planning. Venture Smarter is developing the Smart City Portal for members as a solution and opportunity hub. Additionally, Venture Smarter launched Regional Smart Cities Initiatives in 2017 to educate and align stakeholders around available resources and addressable opportunity areas. Moreover, Venture Smarter is leading the IEEE Standards Association Smart Cities Working Group to establish open, secure, interoperable, and agile smart city technology standards supported by a cohesive planning framework. Venture Smarter is dedicated to building smart cities and connected communities. Tap the smart cities brain trust today...


Rhonda Binda

Former Deputy Director, United States Department of State; VP Policy

Mitchell Kominsky

Former Lead Counsel, United States Senate (Leadership) Technology and Transportation Policy; VP Strategy


Zack Huhn

IEEE Smart City Committee, President, Venture Smarter


Matt Koesters

Director of Communications


Busayo Odunlami

Former sustainability advisor at the world bank group, VP Operations


Avery Griffin

Special Project Manager


Jamie Sordo

Marketing & Growth


James Haidak

International Relations


Colin Hicks

IP and Research


JR Hazenfield

Business Development


Jon Salisbury

Technology Advisor, Product and Standards


Frank Ellin

Events Manager


Greg Akers 

Board of Advisors; CTO, Cisco Systems S&T


Manu Bhardwaj

Advisor; Mastercard, Formerly State Dept.