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Our Vision

Our founders have been industry leaders at the intersection of technology and public policy. The Venture Smarter team comes from the U.S. Senate, State Department, White House, the World Bank, and innovative technology companies. We are mission-driven and passionate about playing a key role in building smart cities, connected communities, and leveraging technology to improve people’s lives.


Building Smart Cities and the Internet of Everything



Our technology standards, planning framework, and solution certifications ensure interoperability and help planners mitigate risk.


Data Insights

The Portal connects users and aggregates resources and the Marketplace is a discovery platform for best-practices solutions.



Helping governments, universities, and businesses plan, fund, and implement innovative solutions and programs. 



Management team


Zack Huhn

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Zack is Chair of the IEEE Smart Cities Standards Committee; and is dedicated to building smart cities and connected communities

Mitchell Kominsky

Chief Strategy Officer, Co-Founder

After serving as senior counsel to US Senate Leadership working on emerging technology and national security matters, and as the author of various cybersecurity laws, Mitchell has been a leader in the technology sector leading strategy for early-stage high-tech startups.

Busayo Odunlami

Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder

With an MBA from George Washington Business School and experience at World Bank Group, Busayo works at the intersection of Business, and Economic Development to build the Infrastructure, Cities, and Workforce for today and tomorrow's digital communities.

Rhonda Binda

Chief Governance Officer, Co-Founder

Rhonda is a technology lawyer, P3 expert and formerly a Deputy Director at the U.S. Department of State and White House official.  She is a visionary smart city evangelist with hands on experience in public and private sectors.


Greg Akers

Greg is the Senior Vice President of Advanced Security Initiatives and CTO within the Security and Trust Organization (STO) at Cisco.  

Christian Duffus

Christian formerly worked at Goldman Sachs and is a technology executive with a focus on growth and innovation strategies for emerging businesses and technologies.



Don't just take it from us

"It's these connections between different stakeholders that can help solve real problems in cities today."

-Mike Stanley; CEO, TRANSITX


"Outstanding concept! It's kind of like matchmaking for emerging ideas and the powers who can bring them to market. Incredible minds, boundless energy, and determination to serve our world with the right kinds of change."

-Melissa Kirby; CIO, SocialHive


"Venture smarter has helped me get insights into problems realized by my core focus client base so they can match my solutions with their core issues."

-Jon Salisbury; CTO; Nexigen


About Us

Working hard behind the scenes

Venture Smarter authored the IEEE Smart City Technology and Planning Standards and is behind launching Regional Smart Cities Initiatives. Get in touch to learn more or join us at an upcoming smart cities event. 

Led by industry experts in

Government + Technology + Urban Planning


Venture Smarter’s innovative, data-driven proprietary technology and unique approach has made the company a global leader in the IoT + smart city community.

Our team is a collection of technologists, government leaders, business executives, and urban planning experts.

Our software platform is helping to cultivate the IoT community, providing data and insights to enterprise, connects stakeholders on both sides of the emerging technology marketplace with proprietary tools and resources to support the planning for IoT + smart cities, across various verticals.

Our clients include Fortune 50 companies, top universities, governments, architects, and advanced facilities. For corporations, we help identify emerging technologies and innovative startups. We help startups partner with enterprise. We work with companies in markets across the board, including transportation, cybersecurity, energy, communications, and much more.

Through our design-thinking approach, policy expertise and technology, we are pioneering the IoT market + smart city space for citizens, businesses, and institutions.

Venture Smarter is dedicated to building smart cities and connected communities. Help us build the future, together.