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Venture Smarter with BigBelly

Bigbelly transforms the way organizations manage waste & recycling, while saving time, fuel and money and beautifying their public space.

BigBelly Solutions

Bigbelly is the world-leading provider of enterprise waste & recycling management solutions with more than 1,500 customers in 47 countries. 

The Bigbelly Solar Smart Waste & Recycling System combines the power of cloud computing and data analytics with smart solar-powered, compacting waste and recycling stations. 

With Bigbelly, municipalities, colleges & universities, government facilities and commercial can beautify their space and reduce operational costs by 70-80%. Bigbelly customers are visible leaders in environmentally sustainable practices – displacing fossil fuel usage through renewable energy, increasing recycling rates and creating the mechanism for self-funding new recycling programs, reducing litter and associated public health concerns, and creating a messaging platform to engage users and influence more environmentally-conscious behaviors.

In times when organizations are looking for ways to provide high levels of service and become more sustainable while wrestling with shrinking budgets, the patented Bigbelly System is a compelling answer.



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