What does a smart city mean to you? [60 second smart survey]

What does a smart city mean to you? Councilmember Amy Murray asked our audience that at the Smart Cincy Summit in April of this year. We want to hear from you. Take this 60 second survey and you will be entered for a chance to win two (2) all access passes to the Smart Regions Fall Conference.

TransitScreen partners with Panasonic to bring real-time transit data to smart cities

“Panasonic is one of the iconic brands of the digital era. Combining their nearly hundred year history with our team’s creativity and design capabilities will create remarkable opportunities for innovation,” TransitScreen CEO Matt Caywood said in a statement. “With Panasonic as our hardware, solutions, and integration partner, we will have the chance to bring our human-centric technologies to a national scale.”

Smart City Strategies to win Bloomberg's American Cities Initiative

Venture Smarter shares Bloomberg’s view that cities will determine the direction of the United States. That’s why Venture Smarter is committed to the philosophy of smart cities and the mission of democratizing smart city planning. Building a smart city is a team effort, but effective leadership is a critical component to any smart city success story.

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6 Takeaways from the Smart City Summit in Washington DC

The first event was held at 1776 in Washington, DC as innovators and investors discussed market challenges and opportunities over lunch and engaging discussions. From there, the group headed to The World Bank to work with World Bank Y2Y leaders to better understand how smart city solutions deployed domestically might compress the time to realization of next generation technology implementations in the developing world.

What to expect at the Midwest IoT Showcase on October 25th

October is quickly approaching and we are excited to begin releasing details about the first Midwest IoT Showcase where guests will become immersed in all things smart cities and the Internet of things. The event will be the largest Regional Smart Cities Initiative event of the year bringing together key stakeholders to listen, learn, and play.

$200 million from Bloomberg for Smart City Mayoral Challenge [Updated]

$200 million? Smart Cities and collaboration will win Bloomberg's mayoral challenge. On Monday, Michael Bloomberg told the U.S. Conference of Mayors that gridlock in Washington, D.C., has put the onus on the country's municipal leaders to rise to the challenges of today and tomorrow.  Bloomberg launched the American Cities Initiative with a promise to invest $200 million to help mayors run their cities, the largest philanthropic investment of its kind. He invited every city with at least 30,000 residents to propose bold new ideas for tackling big problems...

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Smart Cities Forum to Explore Role of Youth in Future Development

Venture Smarter is proud to announce its partnership with the World Bank Youth-to-Youth Community for Y2Y’s upcoming Youth Tech forum on smart cities. The forum, which will be held in Washington, D.C., on June 22 at the World Bank, will explore the role of today’s youth in creating the smart cities of tomorrow in developing regions.

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Going Global with an agile smart city approach

Regional Smart Cities Initiatives spring forth from a fundamental truth: Smart cities can’t exist in a vacuum. Partnerships with neighboring municipalities and other entities will be essential to the success of any smart cities effort. The message that we’re stronger when we work together resonates in every language. And that includes the language of machines...

Let's talk smart cities - Daily Roundup - 6/6

Smart city planning brings chaos, confusion, and questions. But it doesn't need to. Venture Smarter provides the tools, resources, and standards to automate the planning process and bring smart cities into fruition. Here is our Daily Roundup.

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