Improving childhood success pathways by 700%

We believe that smart city initiatives rooted in using technology as a tool to improve outcomes for people can do a lot more than integrating technology and the Internet of Things into our systems and infrastructure. Smart City Solutions, when implemented properly, improve social equity and mobility, spark economic development, and enhance regional talent and innovation funnels. As smart city efforts grow, it's imperative that we empower even our most disadvantaged residents to realize success and opportunities - especially the growing youth population. As we improve our cities and regions we must give residents the tools to lead and be competitive - we won't push them out of their homes or neighborhoods. Improving the quality of life for residents regardless of socioeconomic or geographical barriers is the end goal. That's why we are launching the 7x Effect, leveraging "smart city business models" and P3 revenue sharing to generate a community building platform aimed at success pathways for area students that will increase childhood success pathways by 7x - or 700%.


  1. Smart City Project Deployment launches in Neighborhood X
  2. Revenue Share Model means profits for city, community, and vendor
  3. A percentage of the revenue share is funneled to 7x Effect
  4. Students in Neighborhood X are given 7x Savings Accounts
  5. Accounts will grow, and may be supplemented by gifts or earnings
  6. Students will be paired with mentors, resources, and opportunities
  7. Account savings redeemable to costs related to soft skills or tech training, higher ed, etc…
  8. Accounts are interest-accumulating and federally insured
  9. Once established, any benefactor can contribute to a student’s savings account
  10. 100% of 7x funds go towards student savings accounts

7x Effect will be previewed and launched at the Smart Regions Conference on Wednesday, October 25th at BB&T Arena. Cincinnati, OH; Newport, KY; Lawrenceburg, IN; Washington, DC; and Jamaica, Queens, NY will be the first five cities to welcome Venture Smarter’s 7x Effect as a part of our Regional Smart Cities Initiatives.


  1. Annual Program Sponsor(s)
  2. Financial Institution Partner(s)
  3. Fund for project support and grant matching*


  1. Venture Smarter
  2. smartLINK
  3. University of Cincinnati
  4. City of Cincinnati
  5. Cincinnati Public Schools

More details coming soon. Contact for more.


Regional Smart Cities Initiative powered by Venture Smarter

a. "Regional Initiative using technology as a tool to build smart cities and connected communities

b. Government, University, Industry, Community partners focusing on connectivity, mobility, and resilience

c. 18 active projects/pilots

d. Need fund for grant and project matching*

e. Project revenue shares support local 7x efforts* (see below)


7x Effect

a. use revenue share dollars from municipal deployments to start savings accounts for students in the respective neighborhood(s)

b. connect students with mentors, resources, and opportunities

c. use savings accounts to support career success pathways including soft skills or technical training

d. improve success trajectories by 700% - social mobility -> economic impact