Anil Menon's 5 bullet points for building Smart Regions

Written by: Zack Huhn, Venture Smarter

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At the 2017 Smart Regions Conference, Anil Menon spoke as the keynote to an audience dedicated to moving smart cities conversations forward thinking beyond municipal boundaries. Anil stressed five key points as action items and takeaways as he emphasized the importance of regional planning and collaboration.

5 takeaways from anil menon's keynote at the 2017 smart regions conference

1. "Political and Community Will and leadership is the only way you will get started."

2. Global and Universal Standards - not just technology standards, but also for parking sizes, water, disaster relief, etc... "If cities in the same state aren't using the same standards how are we going to make things work together?"

3. "Smart" Regulation - policies must adapt to take into account car pooling, public transit, remote access, etc... Antiquated policies have to be updated.

4. Public-private partnerships (including labor unions, not just businesses, governments, and academic institutions) - job creation, not job loss. Realistic timelines with planning.

5.  Local innovation ecosystems are key - from that living lab you create a global firm, and a global industry. "Unless you have a local innovation ecosystem, you're not going to build a smart region... The solutions have to be created locally... Startups should treat the city as a living lab."

The keys to building smart cities and regions revolve around collaboration and execution. If you're interested in getting involved with or creating a Regional Smart Cities Initaitive in your area, get in touch! (e)

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