December Update - Venture Smarter Portal

Click the image to request access to the Venture Smarter Portal!

Click the image to request access to the Venture Smarter Portal!

The beta community serves a fraction of the Venture Smarter ecosystem - which represents thousands of subscribers, hundreds of businesses and organizations, and dozens of customers and partners working together to build better places to live, work, and visit.

On the community portal, users organically connect with each other, discover opportunities, create and join teaming and interest groups, and explore industry insights. Val, who is powered by artificial intelligence, has also been working to actively to connect users to each other, opportunities, resources, and solutions based on their profile settings. Val is young, but learning fast to be "your smart cities personal assistant."



Recent Stats

  • New Venture Smarter Beta Members (since Nov 15th) represent 72 cities in 23 countries
  • 70% of new users are actively seeking teaming partners
  • 50% of users have business profiles
  • 22% of users have government or education profiles, the rest identify as 'other' or 'nonprofit'
  • 104 businesses and organizations are represented by new members
  • 68% of business users are executives
  • 60% of government users are actively seeking financing and support


Platform Updates

  • Discover 1.0 - "search" for smart city happenings and info
  • Create 1.0 - create content, opportunities, and project features
  • Groups 1.0 - create or join interest, community, and teaming groups
  • Profiles 1.0 - create personal and organizational profiles
  • Val 1.0 - leverage Val to connect to other users, opportunities, and resources (smart cities AI assistant)
  • Events 1.0 - discover and attend Venture Smarter events on and offline
  • Message and Chat 1.0 - Personal inbox and group chat functions are now live


Notes from the team

  • Updates every week (on Wednesdays!)
  • 24/7 Support Available for Members and Early Adopters
  • Request access for free (click here)
  • Weekly Info Sessions (Webinars) on Tuesdays and Thursdays


Questions? Interested in integrations or partnerships? Contact us.

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