7 takeaways from the Venture Smarter NYC: Smart Cities Leadership Forum

NYC Smart City Leadership Summit

Leaders from government, academia, and business gathered on Tuesday, January 12th at the New York Bar Association for a leadership forum aimed at setting smart city development goals in NYC and beyond.  

What is a smart city? How is all of this going to work together? Who is going to pay for it? How do we track and improve outcomes? These were talking points that led dynamic conversations that continue today on and offline.

Featured speakers included Lara Croushore (NYC Economic Development Commission), BJ Mahal (Mastercard, Smart Cities), Brian Platt (CIO, Jersey City), and Mitch Kominsky (CSO, Venture Smarter). 

The discussion expanded throughout the room as passionate guests - including Chris Rezendes (Impact Labs), Sagi Elister (Smart Cities NYC), Rhonda Binda and Zack Huhn (Venture Smarter) and many more - shared insight on their experiences rooted in using smart technologies to create better places to live, work, and visit.

The sentiments walking away were clear.

  • Smart Cities are about people, not about technology.
  • New solutions must alleviate, not burden already strained municipal budgets. 
  • Technology and planning standards must be in place to ensure interoperability. 
  • Solutions must promote equity and accessibility
  • Connectivity, Mobility, Security, Sustainability shined as top choices for "smart city planning pillars"
  • Project financing, public-private-partnerships, and creative revenue models must be leveraged
  • Collaboration will drive smart city success stories - and those collaborations must reach beyond municipal boundaries

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