People, Not Products - Strategies for Smart Growth

Venture Smarter and Strategize People, Not Products

The most successful smart cities and companies are those that put people first.

This means technology is the tool, not the focus, of smart city planning. As technology continues to disrupt policy, and is deployed to optimize and replace inefficient and outdated systems and infrastructure, the cities and regions that come out on top are-and-will-continue-to-be those that put people at the top of the planning hierarchy to focus on outcomes and impact that improve our collective quality of life regardless of socioeconomic or physical barriers.

In New York City, NYCx is set to put people first. Initial efforts include issuing challenges to businesses and communities, For example, New York City is seeking creative technology solutions that enhance the experience and use of public spaces at night in neighborhood corridors. Their ultimate vision is zero assaults, zero arrests, and zero vacancies in neighborhood corridors. Challenge Title = NYCx Co-Lab Challenge: Safe & Thriving Nighttime Corridors. The challenge deadline is this Friday December 15th - click here for more details.

People first is not an unfamiliar concept, especially for leaders in emerging technology, such as Amazon, which has a mission “to be Earth’s most customer-centric company.”  New and emerging startups and initiatives are starting to thrive with this core ethos.  People, not products.  Technology is the tool that is helping to create better outcomes for people - building better places to live, work, and visit.

Bixby, a NYC-based real estate technology startup, reflects this customer-centric perspective in an effort to create a better place to live and work for tenants and residents. “The core mission at Bixby is to improve quality of life for tenants and residents," says Mark Smukler, Co-Founder and CEO at Bixby. “Property owners and managers play a huge role in the living and working experience, hence why Bixby’s core features, like the message board and maintenance request portal, focus on making it easier for building staff to provide top quality service. That said, the most important quality in a resident management platform like ours is that its’ fundamental purpose is to act as a virtual amenity that improves comfort and convenience for the end user - the tenant or resident.” Learn more about Bixby on the Venture Smarter Portal

On Tuesday, December 12th leaders across sectors will meet at the New York Bar Association for Venture Smarter’s Smart Cities Leadership Forum. Mastercard’s Vice President of Urban Innovation & Smart Cities, BJ Mahal and NYEDC's Vice President and Director of Smart & Sustainable Cities, Lara Croushore will be among the many thought-leaders at the event.

Join experts from government, business, and academia in this thought leadership summit, as they explore setting Smart City Development Goals in New York City, throughout the region, and beyond. Topics will focus on connectivity, mobility, and resilience, as well as opportunities to leverage IoT and advanced technologies to optimize or replace our infrastructure and digital systems.  Learn more here.

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