$200 million from Bloomberg for Smart City Mayoral Challenge [Updated]

$200 million? Smart Cities and collaboration will win Bloomberg's mayoral challenge.

On Monday, Michael Bloomberg told the U.S. Conference of Mayors that gridlock in Washington, D.C., has put the onus on the country's municipal leaders to rise to the challenges of today and tomorrow. Venture Smarter was happy to be included the the happenings and looks forward to supporting the efforts of cities pursuing these and similar opportunities. 

Bloomberg launched the American Cities Initiative with a promise to invest $200 million in helping mayors run their cities, the largest philanthropic investment of its kind. He invited every city with at least 30,000 residents to propose bold new ideas for tackling big problems, and 35 "Champion Cities" will receive grants of up to $100,000 to develop their ideas into something that can be replicated in other cities. 

Smart cities will have an inside track on becoming Champion Cities. Check out the criteria Bloomberg will use to evaluate ideas. The funds will be invested in a wide variety of programs centered around three common goals: 

• Equip mayors to solve their cities' most important problems by providing consulting services, leadership development, and data collection;

• Advance important policies, particularly in respect to education, climate change, and public health; 

• Empower citizens to become a part of this work through public-private partnerships, volunteers, and public art. 

These are goals that Venture Smarter shares. Venture Smarter's four pillars of smart planning —Connectivity, Mobility, Sustainability and Security – address the same areas Bloomberg wants to spend $200 million on fixing. 

"The answer lies with all of you," Bloomberg said. "And as the dysfunction in Washington has grown even worse, the need for bold city leadership has grown more urgent. So today, I'm here on behalf of our team at Bloomberg Philanthropies to say, 'We're here to help.'" 

Venture Smarter is here to help, too. Let us help you identify ideas that could help your city become one of Bloomberg's Champion Cities. Contact us to learn more. Email hello@venturesmarter.com.


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