Smart Cities Standards Working Group to host monthly OPEN meetings


Smart Cities, connected campuses, and advanced facilities are all leveraging advanced technology and IoT to create better experiences and optimize efficiencies. We are working together to open source agile, secure, interoperable technology standards and a supportive planning framework for municipal leaders. Interested in learning more or getting involved? Join us!

Venture Smarter has been deeply involved with IEEE Standards Association, Smart Cities Council, Intelligent Community Forum, Open Standards Group, and other organizations dedicated to creating a seamless transition into the digital age centered around advanced technology and IoT. The pinnacle of these efforts came this summer as Venture Smarter led IEEE and collaborative efforts in open sourcing and driving forward open, agile, secure, and interoperable technology standards accompanied by a dynamic planning process or guiding framework for municipal leaders. The effort revolves around the mission of democratizing smart city planning. It is in that spirit that beginning this Fall we will host monthly meetings by way of e-conference that will be open to the public. Interested in tuning in and/or contributing? It's free! Just register below and send any questions to


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