Venture Smarter Portal Progress Report

Venture Smarter Portal Beta

Venture Smarter's product team has been developing an online portal for businesses, governments, and universities to discover and connect with advanced technology solutions and resources. Users have access to a novel marketplace of validated IoT solutions and support.

We are excited to welcome new users this week including Cisco, IDC, Linkology, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Bell, and more! We are excited to build smart cities and connected communities with you.

Request Access to Beta (opens 10.24)! Contact us to learn more.

product updates

  • New Users Feed
  • Users may now add Community Challenges
  • Government Users may now download the Smart City Planning Framework
  • Business Users may now request Smart City Certifications for solutions and services
  • Resources Feed Added
  • Opportunities Feed Added
  • Solutions Feed Added
  • Mapping 1.5 testing for Alpha Users
  • Matching 1.5 testing for Alpha Users
  • Project Tracker 1.5 open for Alpha Users

Coming soon

  • Marketplace Integration
  • Solution Stack Builder
  • Project Builder
  • Teaming Portal
  • A.I. Interface
  • Mapping 2.0
  • Matching 2.0
  • Project Tracker 2.0
  • Community Feed
  • Stakeholder Surveys
  • Venture Smarter API