Inclusive Smart Cities Summit, Sept 12 at US Institute for Peace

Inclusive Smart Cities Summit

Urbanization is putting pressure on municipalities around the world to innovate and become smarter. Washington DC is leading the charge as a breeding ground for new ideas and solutions.

The Inclusive Smart Cities Summit will bring together top leaders from across the globe to discuss the future of smart cities and the need for inclusivity in innovation. Join us to discuss, debate and learn how cities around the world are attacking the challenges surrounding the future of the workplace, workforce and transportation.

WHEN? September 12th
WHERE? US Institute of Peace in Washington, DC
WHO? Government, industry, NGO, and academic leaders and innovators

Workplaces of the Future

Leaders across the globe will share their take on the evolution of the workplace in smart cities of today and the future - discussing not only innovations to the infrastructure and spaces we work in, but also how the community will interact within them.

Transportation of the Future

Cities are radically transforming how people are moving around them - from autonomous vehicles, innovations to public transit and the growth of the shared economy. Learn how these changes in transportation will powerfully impact, benefit and challenge all groups, races, and socio-economic classes within a city.

The Future of the Workforce

Innovation and a rapidly changing economy will create new workforce challenges for cities of the future to address. Creating an inclusive workforce will be critical to meeting those needs. Explore what skillsets will be required of the future workforce, tools for inclusive recruitment, and programs that are already leading the way. 


8:00AM: Doors Open
8:30-9:00AM: Networking and Demos
9:00AM: Panel 1 - Workplaces of the Future
9:30AM: Panel 2 - Transportation of the Future
10:00AM: Break
10:30AM: Panel 3 - The Future of the Workforce
11:00AM: Smart Cities Initiative Announcement
11:30AM: Inclusive Smart Cities Panel
12:00PM: Event Concludes

Venture Smarter CEO Zack Huhn will be among the speakers and panelists during the event. If you are interested in setting up a time to learn more about Venture Smarter, smart cities, or building connected communities, email