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AutonomouStuff is enabling the future of autonomy. The company is on a mission to provide the world’s innovative organizations with the best products, software and engineering services that enable robotics and autonomy. Their services reach more than 2000 happy customers, and include vehicle integration, software services, training, design and installation, consulting, and event California Vehicle Testing. They are excelling in the software realm, where they specialize in highway automation, shuttle automation, LiDAR object processing, vision-based deep learning, and speed and steering control.

We provide the world’s best autonomy-enabling technologies and world class services. We have the products needed to get your projects up and running.

AutonomouStuff is among the list of companies invited to showcase at the Smart Regions Conference on October 25th. Interested in learning more about advanced transportation technologies and automation? Join us at the event or get in touch! (e)

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