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Venture Smarter's people, platform, and standards connect businesses, governments, and institutions with solutions, opportunities, and resources on their way to implementing advanced technologies and the Internet of Things. The Venture Smarter Portal will helps expand those efforts, allowing users to connect directly with each other and with Venture Smarter tools, resources, and insights.

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Helping governments, universities, and businesses plan, fund, and implement innovative solutions and programs

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The collaborative brain trust lives on and offline via the Venture Smarter Portal and Regional Initiatives

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Our technology standards, planning framework, and solution certifications ensure interoperability and help planners mitigate risk


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Venture Smarter is working hard behind the scenes to democratize smart city planning. Venture Smarter's solution and opportunity portal lives at and connects users around available resources and addressable opportunity areas, all behind a validation firewall reserved for best-practices solution providers and verified solution seekers. Venture Smarter co-authored the IEEE Smart City Technology Standards and Planning Framework that guides the verifications and certifications on the Portal. Users can signup for newsletter updates for free, and access tools and resources after becoming Venture Smarter customers.

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