IEEE names Chairman of the Smart Cities Technology Standards Committee


Venture Smarter, Cincinnati, OH

August 9th, 2017

IEEE Smart Cities

IEEE and IEEE Standards Association leaders have been working with Venture Smarter leadership to move forward the standardization conversations for smart city technologies and planning processes. This week, the IEEE Smart City Technology Standards Committee named Venture Smarter President Zack Huhn as the Chair of the group. Bill Ash, from IEEE-SA noted that standards and an agile planning framework will be the key that unlocks smart city successes around the world.

[UPDATE] The official project title is IEEE-SA P2784: The Guide to the Technology and Planning Process to Build A Smart City. The PAR was approved in September and monthly working groups convene to develop and improve the standards document and planning process templates. More details coming in 2018.

We have been working to create agile, secure, interoperable and financially sustainable technology standards and planning guidelines for municipal leadersd to support the vision of building smart cities and connected communities - regardless of socioeconomic or geographical barriers.
— Zack Huhn

The working group is led by industry, government, and academic experts including Cincinnati's own Jon Salisbury and Dr Jonathan Corey. The IEEE working group is collaborating with Smart Cities Council, Intelligent Community Forum, Open Standards Group, and dozens of industry and academic bodies worldwide.

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