VARTECH Recap: Gov't Opportunities in Smart Cities and IoT

Written By: Jamie Sordo, Venture Smarter

Last week at VARTECH, I sat in on a session formally titled "Government: Opportunities in Smart Cities and IoT" in Orlando, Florida. Blue Star hosted the event and Venture Smarter was on site to help OEM's and VAR's navigate smart cities, the Internet of Things, and emerging opportunities in government.

Cities that see smart city success stories are those that are utilizing public-private partnerships and leveraging data through streamlined sources. The impact the government has on its constituents from leveraging big data and actionable analytics should only get more desirable as more information, people places, and things are connected.

Connectivity is the foundational layer that enables the application and implementation of solutions pertaining to mobility, sustainability, and security.
— Zack Huhn, Venture Smarter

Zack spent time talking about the impact digital infrastructure and IoT will have in the near future.

Social mobility and Economic Development

Smart city solutions (i.e. connected solutions) create for a more workable and livable society by enabling social mobility regardless of socioeconomic and geographical barriers. Social mobility directly impacts accessible and equitable economic development.

Sustainable, Resilient

Environmental sustainability is a natural outcome of smart city solutions, and sustainable solutions make for resilient solutions. Sound economic financial sustainability is another because every smart city solution does one of three things - creates value, generates revenue, or cuts costs.

Safe and Secure

At the center of cyber-physical security is the connection of the physical and virtual world and that connection enables the communication and control for operationally reliable, safe societies.

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