A Federal Push for Smart Cities Cybersecurity and Privacy Standards

The Department of Homeland Security has announced their commitment to co-sponsor the Global City Teams Challenge this upcoming year as it focuses in on privacy and cybersecurity issues.

The Global City Teams Challenge is led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and works toward creating a set of best practices, or a framework, for privacy and cybersecurity that cities can share.

During an interview with Route Fifty, Sokwoo Rhee - Associate director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Cyber-Physical Systems Program - said: “There are a very small number of cybersecurity experts involved in smart communities."  “What is really scary," he added, "is there are not a whole lot of best practices for local governments."

Venture Smarter has been tirelessly working towards addressing this problem by building a guiding framework of best practices, technology standards and solution certifications that can be replicated across city to city, state to state, and region to region.  And to complement these efforts, we are creating a community for people, businesses, institutions, and governments to collectively move the implementation of advanced technology solutions forward.

Former Lead Technology Policy Counsel of the United States Senate and current Chief Strategy Officer of Venture Smarter, Mitchell Kominsky spoke recently, saying that "A strong public-private partnership will play a pivotal role in protecting smart city infrastructure from the growing cybersecurity threat. We must continue to develop industry standards that can empower the 'internet of everything' to be realized, including the use of autonomous vehicles, drone technology, physical security, and digital information. Venture Smarter is pioneering new standards and working with governments to enhance security in these cities of the future."

Zack Huhn, Chairman of the IEEE Smart City Technology Standards Committee and President of Venture Smarter, is leading efforts towards establishing open, secure, interoperable, and agile smart city technology standards.  And with additional efforts to educate and align key stakeholders around available resources and addressable opportunity areas, Venture Smarter will announce a collaborative framework for regional planning at the Smart Regions Conference on October 25th.