3 takeaways from the Congressional Smart Cities Caucus 'Smart Mobility' Roundtable

Congressional Smart Cities Caucus Smart Mobility Roundtable

On Tuesday, April 24th the Congressional Smart Cities Caucus hosted its second stakeholder roundtable and shifted the focus to smart mobility. Topics ranged from encouraging and enabling transportation innovation, exploring cyber security threats as transportation becomes digitized and automated, and the importance of public-private-partnerships in developing smart city success stories.

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3 Takeaways from the Congressional Smart Cities Caucus mobility roundtable, as told by Mitch Kominsky, co-founder and CSO of Venture Smarter:

  1. "Congress must explore and identify legislative solutions in order to encourage innovation in the transportation sector as new technologies have the power to create new opportunities to improve our infrastructure and enhance the quality of life for citizens."

  2. "There is no one-size fits all solution to smart cities as each city, state, and municipality, face their own unique challenges. However, public private partnerships, with the right collection of partners - including universities, large and small businesses, NGOs - have the ability to transform our cities and regions."

  3. "The future of connectivity has great promise for new innovations, such as autonomous vehicles, but lawmakers will need to address the challenge of resilience in our networks to ensure that these new technologies have the proper and secure foundation."

Department of Homeland Security, Venture Smarter, Regional Smart Cities Initiatives, ITSA, Uber, Lyft, Con Edison, Nokia, Smart Cities Council, and other organizations all contributed to a productive conversation focused on helping Congress prioritize policy and funding efforts to accelerate the research, development, and implementation of new transportation technologies and strategies that can more efficiently and effectively move people and goods in urban, suburban, and rural communities across the country.

About the Congressional Smart Cities Caucus

Formed in the 115th Congress, the Congressional Smart Cities Caucus serves as a bipartisan group of Members dedicated to bringing American communities into the 21st Century through innovation and technological change.  The Congressional Smart Cities Caucus provides a place where Members of Congress can convene with stakeholders from all different backgrounds, including but not limited to: industry stakeholders, state and local governments, and local community leaders.

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About Venture Smarter

Venture Smarter is innovating how leaders across industries, sectors, and agencies can work together on smart development and infrastructure projects throughout cities and regions. Venture Smarter’s founders are mission-driven industry experts coming from The White House, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), State Department, U.S. Senate Leadership, technology startups, and other leading organizations.- The company is based in Cincinnati, OH, with offices in NYC, and Washington DC.

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