5 topics that leaders will discuss at the Smart Regions Congress in Washington DC

Smart Regions Congress 2018 Washington DC

Here are 5 topics that leaders will discuss and explore at the Smart Regions Congress:

  1. Broadband and connectivity in urban, suburban, and rural cores (Defeating the digital divide for people and places)

  2. Smart Infrastructure and Mobility (Optimizing and replacing outdated systems and infrastructure)

  3. Cybersecurity and Public Safety (Creating safer places on and offline)

  4. Energy and Sustainability (Reducing impact and cutting costs)

  5. Defeating the Heroin and Opioid Epidemic (Using smart technologies and strategies)


When? Thursday, February 15th (3-5pm, reception will follow)
Where? The National Press Club, Washington, DC
More Info: smartregions.org/dc-congress

About The Smart Regions Congress

Presented by Venture Smarter

Smart cities and regions use technology as a tool to create better places to live, work, and visit. But efforts towards smart planning and development don't happen on their own, and they cannot take place in silos. Smart solutions require regional collaborations and interoperable solutions that improve people's lives, increase public service delivery, and alleviate strained municipal budgets.

At the Smart Regions Congress leaders from government agencies, leading research institutions, enterprise technology companies, and industry associations will discuss success stories, challenges, and opportunities to collaborate to build smart solutions rooted in interoperability and resilience that reach beyond municipal limits. In doing so, we will address the most pressing needs of American citizen's while also optimizing or altogether replacing outdated systems and infrastructure.

Leaders from across the country will be on site to share their stories related to deploying smart solutions in connectivity, mobility, security, and sustainability while exploring the challenges that are shared: How is all of this technology going to work together? Who is going to pay for it? Who owns the data? How do we track and measure outcomes? Where do we start with policy planning?

We are especially excited to welcome leaders from Ohio where many 'firsts' in smart and autonomous transportation are being deployed on state highways. The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Council of Governments, and leaders from the nation's first Regional Smart Cities Initiative will shine a light on recent and forthcoming projects and efforts.

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