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6 Takeaways from USDOT V2i (Vehicle-to-Infrastructure) Guidelines and Resources


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6 Takeaways from USDOT V2i (Vehicle-to-Infrastructure) Guidelines and Resources


This week USDOT released unanticipated V2i (Vehicle-to-Infrastructure) Guidelines and Resources. My takeaways might sound more critical than intended, and that is reflective of the systems and infrastructure in place more so than the individuals that put so much hard work into this research and planning.

Here are 6 quick takeaways:

  1. A lot of work ahead across sectors.
  2. Federal agencies aren't sure how to handle state and municipal legislation.
  3. A disparate oversight: connectivity solutions must precede mobility solutions in order to optimize smart implementations.
  4. They're planning to plan - we must adopt a more agile planning and implementation process (think outside the box.)
  5. They're building on top of outdated infrastructure - physical and network.
  6. Smart Cities solutions are new, resulting in a vendor driven marketplace and uneducated decision makers - that needs to change.

Ultimately, this release inclusive of data, case studies, and planning resources is a major step in the right direction in terms of federal guidance and support for states looking at smart city solutions. As I've mentioned before... It's an all out sprint.