The 7x Effect will create and improve pathways to success

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Students are seven times more likely to enroll in and complete higher education or soft skills training programs after high school if they have any amount of savings set aside for the cause. We want to improve access to higher ed and career success while inviting learners to be a part of a forward thinking, supportive community. After all, Smart Cities start with smart citizens and digital literacy.

Venture Smarter has partnered up with LEAF College Savings and Fiero! (mentor mapping and matching) to launch the 7x Effect, in which smart and innovative businesses contribute 1% of revenues from Smart City implementations into the program that will create and fund savings accounts and mentorship programs for students in low or no income situations.

The 30,000 foot view:

  1. Accounts are set up for young learners

  2. Learners are invited to take advantage of community and educational engagements, rewarded with community contributions into their savings accounts

  3. Family, friends, and donors may contribute into accounts at any time

  4. Accounts are federally insured, interest accumulating, and redeemable for expenses related to higher education and job training

  5. Learners are paired with mentors based on interests and goals to pursue pathways to career successes 

More details coming soon. Contact us with questions or to get involved.

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