Announcing the Congressional Smart Cities Caucus

Congressional Caucus on Smart Cities

Venture Smarter is proud to support federal, state, and local efforts to build smart cities and regions across the country. We are especially happy to support the bi-partisan congressional effort led by Congresswoman Clarke and Congressman Issa. We initially made the announcements during the Smart Regions Congress at the National Press Club on February 15th, and will be co-hosting the Smart Cities Caucus launch event on Capitol Hill in March. See the release details below:

"I invite you to become a member of the Congressional Smart Cities Caucus. Formed in the 115th Congress, the Congressional Smart Cities Caucus serves as a bipartisan group of Members dedicated to bringing American communities into the 21st Century through innovation and technological change. Embracing smart technology will make our communities more sustainable, resilient, efficient, livable, and competitive in a world in which technology is constantly advancing.

The Congressional Smart Cities Caucus provides a place where Members of Congress can convene with stakeholders from all different backgrounds, including but not limited to: industry stakeholders, state and local governments, and local community leaders. Join me exploring ways we can bridge the technological divide between urban and rural American communities by expanding smart infrastructure nationwide."


Yvette D. Clarke, Member of Congress

Darrell Issa, Member of Congress


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