Become a Smart Infrastructure Challenge 'Solution Provider'

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Are you a solution provider in the smart cities space? Are you interested in supporting teams responding to the 2018 Smart Infrastructure Challenge? You can now sign up to be a Smart Infrastructure Challenge Solution Provider to get matched with collaborators and response teams.

What is the process?

1. First, you have to request access and get verified

2. Next, your solutions will be assessed and categoriezed

3. After that, you will be matched with a response team or teams that have a demonstrated need for your solution or expertise in a given response or project



1. What is required to request access?

Simply fill out this form to request access to Venture Smarter as a Challenge Solution Provider

2. Do I have to be a sponsor of the challenge to be a solution provider?

No, but sponsorships are available for brands that want to increase their visibility online and offline with potential collaborators across North America.

3. Is there a deadline to sign up?

No, but to increase your likelihood of getting a match you should request access as a solution provider by May 31st, which is the deadline for response teams to submit their letter of intent.

4. Do I have to be a Venture Smarter member?

No, if you are not a Venture Smarter member you will be able to set up a free trial account so that you can unlock 'matchmaking' which will get you connected to teaming partners within the Smart Infrastructure Challenge.


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