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Venture Smarter January 2018 Update

This month the Venture Smarter community passed the 20,000 users benchmark, and the beta portal captured great insights on the state of smart cities happenings. But more importantly, it's 2018 and we are continuing our mission to democratize smart city planning, providing even small and medium sized communities the tools for smart city success stories that reach beyond big city limits.

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Create or join a smart cities working group

A new feature for Venture Smarter members (and it's free!) Create or join a project, community, or interest group on the Venture Smarter Portal. Discover, explore, and share new ideas, solutions, resources, and opportunities. Keep track of conversations across sectors and connect with collaborators to pursue new opportunities. Request access and join for free, setup is simple! Questions? (e)

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Venture Smarter now accepts Bitcoin payments

Venture Smarter announced this week that Bitcoin may be used as a payment option for monthly and annual subscribers. The company rolled out the Bitcoin payment preference at the end of 2016 to select users using Bitpay. Now all users may enjoy the option.  

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