Congressional Smart Cities Caucus will explore the Workforce of the Future in upcoming roundtable session

Congressional Smart Cities Caucus - Workforce Roundtable

As technology becomes more integrated into the municipal environment, it’s imperative that we start preparing people and industries for the change that will arise with the digital transformation. These pressing issues will be important to the Federal dialogue as well as local and state conversations about improving connectivity, mobility, and resilience throughout our communities.

On Monday, May 14th the Congressional Smart Cities Caucus will host its third stakeholder roundtable to focus on the future of the workforce. The discussion will explore educational requirements to prepare citizens with the skills required in the 21st-century economy. Among other topics, the conversation will also hone in on the importance of public-private-partnerships in developing workforce success stories across smart cities and regions.

Rhonda Binda, Executive Director of the Regional Smart Cities Initiative believes that “Smart cities and regions must be powered by people. If governments are to advance and integrate innovation into their communities, having an educated and skilled workforce will be a critical element.”

According to Venture Smarter Founder and CEO, Zack Huhn, “These stakeholder roundtables provide a unique opportunity for local and state governments, academic and research institutions, and businesses of all sizes to establish a direct dialogue with our members of Congress to understand and address available resources and opportunity areas that will move our nation forward. Collaboration will drive smart city success stories in cities and regions of all sizes.”

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Event Details:

Workforce Policy Roundtable
Where:  US Capitol Visitor Center, First St NE Room 217, Washington, DC
When: May 14th, 1:00PM

About the Congressional Smart Cities Caucus

Formed in the 115th Congress, the Congressional Smart Cities Caucus serves as a bipartisan group of Members dedicated to bringing American communities into the 21st Century through innovation and technological change.  The Congressional Smart Cities Caucus provides a place where Members of Congress can convene with stakeholders from all different backgrounds, including but not limited to: industry stakeholders, state and local governments, and local community leaders.

About Venture Smarter

Venture Smarter is innovating how leaders across industries, sectors, and agencies can work together on smart development and infrastructure projects throughout cities and regions. Venture Smarter’s founders are mission-driven industry experts coming from The White House, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), State Department, U.S. Senate Leadership, technology startups, and other leading organizations.- The company is based in Cincinnati, OH, with offices in NYC, and Washington DC.

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