Exploring Smart City Standards during Smart Cities Week Silicon Valley

Smart Cities Week Silicon Valley

On Monday, May 7th Smart Cities Week Silicon Valley will kick-off with an array of engaging programming intended to streamline and accelerate efforts that will bolster the development of smart cities and communities.

What is a smart city? How will all of the technologies work together? Who will pay for it? How will we track and measure outcomes across communities?

These questions and more will be explored throughout the week. And at 2pm PST on Monday, May 7th, we will deep dive standards development efforts that are focused on defining a smart city and ensuring that interoperability and resilience is paramount in planning. 


Monday, May 7th (2-4pm PST)

"Industry Exchange: Smart City Technology and Planning Standards"

Standards and guidance documents play a critical role in describing good practice and clearly set out what needs to be done to comply with specified outcomes. They help in the planning, design, manufacturing, procurement and management processes to ensure goods and services supplied are fit for purpose. Join other smart cities leaders in this forum to discuss the latest global standards, including the emerging IEEE standard on developing a technology and process framework for planning a smart city.

Zack Huhn – Founder, Venture Smarter



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