Going Global with an agile smart city approach

Smart Cities YOUth Tech Forum

Venture Smarter’s advocacy for the need for regional cooperation in smart city solution deployments is going national, and it’s on the verge of hitting the global scene.

Venture Smarter’s partnership with the Youth to Youth Community at the World Bank for a Youth Tech panel discussion on June 22 is a great sign of things to come. CEOs from three Cincinnati-area companies — WEL Enterprise, Wyzzer, Lisnr — and a women’s health nonprofit have all agreed to join Venture Smarter in Washington D.C. to discuss the role of youth in the creation of smart cities around the world. That’s a big leap from where Venture Smarter was less than two months ago, when we launched the first Regional Smart Cities Initiative at the Smart Cincy Summit in Cincinnati.

As proud as Venture Smarter is to work with Y2Y at the World Bank, it’s just the latest in a series of examples of our regional message spreading. New York City’s Regional Smart Cities Initiative is already underway. Additionally, Venture Smarter has attracted interest in new Regional Smart Cities Initiatives from stakeholders in cities across the country and, thanks to leaders in Amsterdam and Edinburgh, around the world. Regional Smart Cities Initiatives spring forth from a fundamental truth: Smart cities can’t exist in a vacuum. Partnerships with neighboring municipalities and other entities will be essential to the success of any smart cities effort. The message that we’re stronger when we work together resonates in every language.

And that includes the language of machines. Venture Smarter is now working with IEEE to create the standards and framework that will govern the Internet of Things — the essence of smart cities — for the foreseeable future. We already have the IEEE to thank for the standards that bring order to the chaos of WiFi and cellular networks. IoT sensors are no different. In fact, because of the rapid proliferation of IoT technology, the need for standards has never been more critical, and it becomes more imperative with each passing day. By working together, we can bring order to chaos.  

The clarity of that vision is what’s driving the early success of Venture Smarter. Since the company’s founding in February, Venture Smarter’s reach has extended far beyond its Midwestern roots. If our future is to be a successful one, today’s cities must become smart cities. The principle remains true whether you’re in Cincinnati or Cambodia.