Indigo Project is trying to revamp our education system

We believe in a future where an evolved education system focused on personalized learning empowers students to unlock their true potential - where everyone can identify a future where they will love what they do - by combining academic development with the development of each individual’s unique strengths and passions.
— Indigo Project
Indigo Project

By giving schools non-academic data on who their students are, Indigo creates a path for schools to transform their culture and empower students through their strengths & passions. 

Indigo Project is the combination of two entities. The Indigo Education Company is a social enterprise that drives schools toward personalized learning. Indigo For All is a registered 501c3 committed to reaching underprivileged students. Indigo Project, the combination of the two, aspires to empower all students and transform the national education system. Indigo Project has already reached more than 10,000 students across 8 states from their headquarters on the west coast. 

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