Putting sensors and analytics to work to save water and grow economies

IoT Impact Labs is a group focused entirely on accelerating Internet of Things deployment to address grand challenges with profit and resilience.

The most valuable experience in IoT is deploying with multiple stakeholder groups, including physical world SMEs, Fortune 5000 and startups. That is LABS.
IEEE Advancing Internet Inclusion

Chris Rezendes, Managing Director of IoT Impact Labs, and Zack Huhn, President of Venture Smarter, were originally connected via the IEEE Advancing Internet Inclusion working group, of which each are supporters. In fact, Venture Smarter sponsored the groups spring summit in Washington, DC. There, Zack, Chris, and others were able to connect around community centric, people focused solutions driven by technology, specifically, the internet of things.

Zack will be visiting Chris in New Bedford this week to do site visits and speak with leaders about the real impact IoT is having on people, businesses, and governments.

Chris will be visiting Zack in Cincinnati, OH later this month as a special guest at the University of Cincinnati Water Week, where these and similar issues will be put center stage.

This and other collaborations will lead to smart city success stories that put people first. If you're interested in learning more about Venture Smarter or IoT Impact Labs, let us know! (e) hello@venturesmarter.com.