Pear Deck is making teachers' lives easier

Pear Deck Education
As educators, we know how easy it is for students to slip through the cracks. So we’re on a mission to make it easy to hear from every student, every day.

Based in Iowa City, IA, Pear Deck is on a mission to make it easier for teachers to provide rich, engaging educational experiences for their students. Founded by educators, including a former high school teacher turned Microsoft programmer, Pear Deck has attracted support from top funds such as Revolution, and is making waves in education across the country. 

Take a peek at the video above to get a better understanding of how Pear Deck works. The educational technology platform highlights:

  • frictionless Google integration,
  • inquiry based learning, and
  • individual and social learning.

Keep an eye out for Pear Deck. It might already be in a classroom near you!

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