People, Automation, and the Workforce of the Future

Monday, May 14th - Washington, DC - Venture Smarter -

Congressional Smart Cities Caucus meets with stakeholders to explore how technology and automation will impact future workforce and education needs

Congressional Smart Cities Caucus

On Monday, May 14 2018, the Congressional Smart Cities Caucus, which is co-chaired by Congresswoman Yvette Clarke (D-NY) and Congressman Darryl Issa (R-CA), hosted its third stakeholder roundtable and shifted its focus to the future of workforce. Topics ranged from how drones will impact the workforce to the notion that jobs and education in cybersecurity will be critical for anything that automates.

The discussion was lead by Mike Knapp (SkillSmart,) Chris Hopfensperger (,) Spencer Overton (Joint Center,) and attended by industry leaders representatives from Venture Smarter, Lyft, Uber, Con Edison, Twilight, Amazon, Microsoft, and other organizations that contributed to a productive conversation focused on helping Congress prioritize policy and action to help build communities, economies, and the workforce of the future.

“There were many actionable takeaways. Among them, we must collaborate at the local, state, and federal level to improve tech skills of the future. Last year there were 500,000 available computer jobs and only 50,000 computer science grads in the United States,” said Venture Smarter CSO Mitchell Komsinky.

This is particularly noteworthy as the workforce need continues to grow nationwide. In places like Kansas and Indiana they are seeing fast growth in sectors such as agricultural technology - or agtech - and are working hard train candidates fast enough to fill the void.

The roundtable was convened by the Congressional Smart Cities Caucus as a part of an engagement series meant to drive inclusive conversations and policies related to smart and connected development. The next roundtable will happen on May 29th where the focus will shift to sustainability.

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About the Congressional Smart Cities Caucus

Formed in the 115th Congress, the Congressional Smart Cities Caucus serves as a bipartisan group of Members dedicated to bringing American communities into the 21st Century through innovation and technological change.  The Congressional Smart Cities Caucus provides a place where Members of Congress can convene with stakeholders from all different backgrounds, including but not limited to: industry stakeholders, state and local governments, and local community leaders.

About Venture Smarter

Venture Smarter is innovating how leaders across industries, sectors, and agencies can work together on smart development and infrastructure projects throughout cities and regions. Venture Smarter’s founders are mission-driven industry experts coming from The White House, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), State Department, U.S. Senate Leadership, technology startups, and other leading organizations.- The company is based in Cincinnati, OH, with offices in NYC, and Washington DC.

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Written by: Zack Huhn, Venture Smarter