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Regional Smart Cities Initiative: Letter of Support


Venture Smarter's blog features and highlights our people, platform, and initiatives. Get in touch to learn more about how we can work together to build smart cities and connected communities. 

Regional Smart Cities Initiative: Letter of Support


Smart Regions start with Smart Cities.

Workable, livable cities rely on four pillars: connectivity, mobility, security, and sustainability. The Regional Smart Cities Initiative is moving the Smart Cities conversation forward, leveraging available resources, tapping emerging innovations, and addressing opportunity areas in key sectors throughout the region.

Transportation, agriculture, education, manufacturing, and healthcare are among the industries that will continue to improve because of advancements in technology and policy. We would love your signature and continued support as we bring private and public resources to our region focusing on innovative solutions in connectivity, mobility, security, and sustainability. 



Click here to learn more about The Smart Cincy Summit and to sign the letter of support.


*Smart Cincy Summit Leadership: TBA February 2017