Let's talk smart cities - Daily Roundup - 6/1

Venture Smarter is at the intersection of people and technology, just like a smart city. Here is our Daily Roundup of Smart City related news.



5G – A building block for the smarter city

Creating an intelligent city is a difficult task. The ‘always connected’ citizen demands connectivity at their fingertips while the array of sensors and systems in a city require just as much linkage. This is where the arrival of 5G could set to answer the smart city demands.



Digitalization — the cornerstone of the future energy system

Enel, a multinational manufacturer and distributor of electricity and gas, has been digitizing its distribution network since the early 2000s by deploying smart meters, automating electricity networks and introducing modern workforce and asset management systems. Their efforts are leading to optimized smart grids, reduced carbon emissions, and overall sustainability in cities.



IoT Food for Thought

Most discussions of the Internet of Things focus on infrastructure applications. But Smart Agriculture is just as essential for the global economy as the world's population is projected to hit 8 billion before 2025. That's a lot of hungry mouths to feed, and any major disruptions in the food supply chain will result in dire consequences.


Design Eats the World: City slicker?

Cars of today are single occupant and parked for 95 percent of their working life. This makes for 1 billion parking spots for only 253 million vehicles. The onset of autonomous vehicles will stimulate many design alterations to cities, such as a massive reduction in parking lots.



Making Cities Smarter

Western City took a look at Smart Cities in this article to outline several components of the Smart City world. They defined the term, broke down real life examples on small and large scales, and even provided fundamental tips for building smart cities going forward.