Let's talk smart cities - Daily Roundup - 6/2

Want to talk Smart Cities? So do we. Venture Smarter is bringing together people + technology in #smartcities. Here is our Daily Roundup.



Artificial intelligence plays key role in securing smart cities, but people are 'sensors' too

Artificial intelligence can use predictive analytics to track crime in a location by detecting anomalies and faces. This AI is just as vulnerable to cyber threats, though, which is why Singapore is investing $528 million, or 22 percent of their tech budget, to security developments.



Who will lead Smart Cities — SMEs, MNCs or Governments?

Several leaders from legal, IT and infrastructure backgrounds gathered in Hong Kong to speak about Smart Cities in the scope of transportation, TMT, energy and consulting. The central topic: what are the roles of startups, corporate leaders, and governments in the smart technology age?



Wollondilly Council want to make the shire smarter and they need your help

Wollondilly Shire, a local government area on the south-western edge of Sydney, is striving to enhance their council through technological investments. Already, they have refurbished their library to offer free Wi-Fi and introduced live web streaming into council meetings.


Smart city to look at building regulations too

A fire that broke out in an eight-story commercial building in T Nagar, a city in India, has motivated smart city officials to now consider regulations on building and fire safety that they originally did not include in their smart city project.


The bustling growth of IoT-connected smart cities

Technology is growing beyond our palm-held smartphones and into entire cities. Sriram Manoharan, the founder of the mobile-web-Cloud company, Contus, explains how Singapore is exploiting the power of Internet of Things to make urban living safer, easier and healthier.