Let's talk smart cities - Daily Roundup - 6/5

Venture Smarter has developed the framework and standards for integrating smart city solutions. Here is our Daily Roundup of smart city news.


A quantum shift

With the advent of next-generation mobile connectivity, or 5G,  the world is transforming in inner-connectedness. Connectivity is now going beyond phones to support vehicles, drones, robots, airplanes, connected factories and connected cities.



Cities have to become green before they become smart

According to Prem C Jain, Chairman of the Indian Green Building Council, a city cannot be smart unless it is green. Prem discusses the Green Initiatives India has taken so far in respect to wastewater management, energy conservation, solid waste disposal techniques and pollution.


Smart Cities: Viable and Sustainable Solution to India's Energy Challenge

India has been growing rapidly in recent years causing a greater strain on its resources and higher demand for energy, thereby sharpening the effects of climate change.  Policy planners keen for solutions that promote Earth-friendly sustainable development. Smart Cities are perhaps the most practical solution.



Lattice Semiconductor's ECP5 FPGA Enables Energy-Efficient Embedded Vision Systems at the Edge

Intelligent traffic systems (ITS), including traffic flow monitoring, traffic violations identification, smart parking, and toll collection are key to Smart Cities. Lattice Semiconductor Corporation announced the implementation of its ECP5 FPGA into embedded vision applications.




Global Smart Cities Market 2021 - Production, Price, Revenue and Market Share of Key Manufacturer

The report titled "Global Smart Cities Market Research Report 2021: Worldwide Market Size, Shares, Trends, Growth, Survey and Forecast report" studies Smart Cities in the Global market with focuses on major solution providers like Hitachi and Cisco.