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Let's talk smart cities - Daily Roundup - 6/6


Venture Smarter's blog features and highlights our people, platform, and initiatives. Get in touch to learn more about how we can work together to build smart cities and connected communities. 

Let's talk smart cities - Daily Roundup - 6/6


Smart city planning brings chaos, confusion, and questions. But it doesn't need to. Venture Smarter provides the tools, resources, and standards to automate the planning process and bring smart cities into fruition. Here is our Daily Roundup.



Rise of the machines: who is the ‘internet of things’ good for?

The internet of things is often an abstract concept, however, we can get a concrete sense of what it involves by looking at these three scales: our body health (where the effort is called “quantified self”), our homes (“the smart home”) and our public spaces (“the smart city”).



Tech-Powered Carpooling Can Contribute to a Sustainable Mobility Future

People can spend hours sitting in traffic each week wasting away time and energy. Services like UberPOOL, via Uber, can instantly match passengers headed in the same direction at the same time, reducing substantial congestion in many cities across the world.



3 questions every citizen needs to ask about smart cities

With the prevalence of the Internet of Things, we are moving ahead with smarter cars, appliances, manufacturing, healthcare, etc. But 3 crucial questions we should be asking: “Is standardization the name of the game?”, “Is Big Brother watching?”, and “Is my city going to turn against me?”



Are smart cities the way of the future?

Recently, the Consumer Technology Association announced that smart cities would be a new area of focus during the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, a show where businesses show off their latest consumer tech. This article talks about what to expect of smart cities in the future.


Smart cities market : service segment to rise over 30% share in 2026 revenues according to new research report

The latest report published by Persistence Market Research shows how the US$ 622 B smart cities market is anticipated to surpass US$ 1 Tn in 2019 and take a leap to US$ 3.48 Tn by 2026. In the report are principal topics like driving factors, defined segments, and future trends.