Let's talk smart cities - Daily Roundup - 6/7

Smart City Summits. Smart City Standards. Smart City Portals. And Smart City News. Venture Smarter is supporting stakeholders on either side of the IoT marketplace. Here is our Daily Roundup.


The Real Urban Revolution: How We Live and How We Move

As cities become ever more crowded through rapidly increasing urbanization, two major trends are dominating the needs of people. In short, people want to live well and move well through increased well-being and revolutionary urban mobility.



‘Safe cities are a Step Toward Smart Cities’

India has an ambitious plan to enable 100 smart cities, an objective that will take years to achieve. In the meantime, smaller projects called ‘safe cities’ are underway. Smart cities tend to be funded via central governments while safe cities are sub-components of smart cities funded by the state.



Power-generating paving adds to urban green energy mix

Laurence Kemball-Cook is deploying new green-technology that harnesses the kinetic energy from people walking on tiles in congested areas to produce electricity. These ‘springy-tiles’ have been deployed in 150 locations, collecting renewable energy from the footsteps of crowded areas.



                                                                           Arab Future Cities to feature blockchain panel

Topics of blockchain and smart cities will be covered in an interactive panel at the fourth annual Arab Future Cities Summit in Dubai, UAE on October 30 and 31. Dubai has plans to go paperless by 2020 and move to the blockchain network to promote paperless transactions.



Tech in the City

Technology experts and government officials from around the world descended on London to discuss the smart cities of today and the future cities of tomorrow. There was no consensus on the definition of a smart city but a recurring theme was ‘efficiency’ for the economy and for citizens.