Let's talk smart cities - Daily Roundup - 6/9

Our services streamline efforts to use technology as a tool to build smart cities, connected campuses, and advanced facilities. Here is our Daily Roundup.


Melbourne's La Trobe University to launch year-long trial for autonomous vehicle

A research consortium will conduct a trial of autonomous vehicles in Victoria, Australia to explore the use of driverless shuttles in the context of a university’s student mobility requirements.The project aims to create a re-usable commercial framework to support the development of the requisite regulation and/or legislation.


Making Cities Smarter With New Data-Driven Decision Making

Mark Pittman is the CEO of Blyncsy, a location analytics platform that he founded to help customers, mainly the government, understand how people move in traffic, travel times, construction zones, transportation, and economic development.



Fast-Growing Orlando Frames Its Vision Of A Smarter, More Sustainable City

Orlando’s smart cities leadership team has outlined a vision for a sustainable and smart city:

  • Smart grid technologies to support the city’s long-term, 100% renewable energy goals

  • Application of energy models to identify most cost-effective building retrofit opportunities

  • Intersection monitoring and predictive analytics to enhance pedestrian and bike safety

  • Enhanced use of open data and data sharing across city departments



Research To Clarify The Benefits Of Big Data Analytics To Water Utilities

The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation recently awarded a contract to ­­­­CH2M for research on Designing Sensor Networks on an Urban Sewershed Scale. The goal is to determine the current capabilities of designing and implementing sensor networks in urban sewersheds.



Building the Smart City with Sir Winston Churchill

Brook Dixon traveled through 11 leading smart cities in person– Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Seoul, Barcelona, New York, and others– and found 3 common principles for smart cities: be a digital democracy, get a smart city plan, and establishing strong leadership and governance.