Let's Talk Smart Cities - Daily Roundup - 5/10

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How Tech-Enhanced Infrastructure Will Promote Equity in Transportation

Current U.S. infrastructure is problematic. There are physical dilemmas: deteriorating roads, aging bridges, and buckling rails. There are also highways that divide communities and worsen mobility for underserved areas. Smart cities can address both the physical and mobile equity problems.


IoT Devices Will Never Be Secure - Enter the Programmable Networks

Security, security, security. Many agree that security is vital for ensuring safe digital environments in smart cities. Yet, few conversations address exactly how to achieve smart city safety. It’s less about securing IoT devices, and more about protecting networks that surround the devices.


The reality of smart cities

By 2050, 8 in 10 South Africans will be living in cities–the challenges of urbanization are approaching quickly. Smart cities are not about saving governments money but allowing city leaders to strategically plan for the future and ensure businesses and residents can thrive.


UK smart cities fall short on strategy, says report

A research study conducted at the University of Reading (UK) revealed a knowledge gap for the leaders of UK cities with regard to how smart cities function. The conclusion: without a cohesive strategy between governments and businesses, UK cities will never become “smart”.


What do data centres need to provide to enable smart cities?

Cities rely increasingly on the power of smart-everything where data centres will undoubtedly play a fundamental role in optimizing smart devices within cities. Increased power output, “edge” data processing, resiliency, and security are all challenges data centres will need to overcome.