Let's Talk Smart Cities - Daily Roundup - 5/15

Venture Smarter is working to bring smart technology solutions to cities everywhere. Here is today's roundup of Smart City related news.


Transport innovation awarded at Smart Cities Hackathon

Schneider Electric, an electric management company, hosted a Smart Cities hackathon in Sydney, Australia where 12 teams of Industry experts, local businesses, and academics competed for cash prizes. The winning team harnessed artificial intelligence to help rail users identify real-time carriage occupancy.



Tech has advanced greatly for the ‘good guys’, unfortunately also for cybercriminals: Nick FitzGerald, ESET

Smart technology seems to be accelerating in growth on many fronts which is both beneficial and harmful to people. Nick FitzGerald, a Senior Research Fellow at ESET, discusses the challenges that are coming and the security measures needed for different devices going forward.



Smart city leaders must act to deliver better digital lives

City administrations are conventionally responsible for creating, managing and delivering city services. With the onset of “smart cities” and “big data”, city leaders are rethinking how they can reconcile the long term interests of citizens and local communities throughout the digitalization era.


White Unicorn Ventures Closes $20 Mn Fund; Looks To Invest In European Startups

White Unicorn Ventures is an investment firm based out of Mumbai, India’s largest city, that recently closed a $20 Mn fund. The investments are being directed towards fintech (financial technology), cybersecurity, and blockchain startups–all of which are important to smart cities.


32,000 LEDs to light up Pune under ‘smart lighting’ scheme

A “smart-lighting scheme” is soon-to-be-launched in Pune, India, that will involve the installation of 32,000 LED street lights. The system will track misuse of electricity in order to reduce city costs. This is happening ahead of the “smart signaling” initiative that is will address traffic concerns.