Let's Talk Smart Cities - Daily Roundup - 5/16

Venture Smarter is proactively sorting through the "smart city chaos" and creating standards and protocols for smart city initiatives. Here is the Venture Smarter Daily Roundup for Smart City related news.


AerNos Announces Nano Gas Sensors for Smart Cities

Smart cities rely on the IoT to deploy sensors used to collect, analyze and provide meaningful insights to improve the quality of life and drive an innovative economy. AeroNos, a nano gas sensor company, announced that it has developed affordable nano gas sensors for use in cities.


Privacy and Politics: London Wants To Get Business Model Right For Smart Cities

Andrew Collinge is a member of an administration body for London (GLA), who oversees efforts for smart technology implementation in London. Andrew emphasizes the main challenge is not technical but political; the challenge is making data relatable both to governments and citizens.



Smart City Market worth USD 3651.49 Billion by 2025, Growing at a CAGR of 19.08% Says The Insight Partners

“Smart City Market to 2025 - Global Analysis and Forecast by Industry Verticals” is an industry report by The Insight Partners that examines the expected growth rate of smart city sectors. The report includes prominent driving forces as well as in-depth segmentation of markets.


Google Wants To Build A High-Tech Neighborhood In Toronto

Sidewalk Labs, an Alphabet company (Google), plans to build an entire technological based neighborhood from the internet up. The proposed “smart neighborhood” is likely to be in Quayside, Toronto–a 12-acre plot stretching across the eastern banks of Toronto, CA.


Columbus Adds Pair of Accelerators Focusing on Fintech and Smart Cities

Two new accelerators will launch their programs in Columbus this fall: Fintech 71 and the Smart City Accelerator. Fintech 71 is a global financial technology accelerator and the Smart City Accelerator aims at connectivity, mobility, sustainability, infrastructure, and manufacturing solutions.