Let's Talk Smart Cities - Daily Roundup - 5/17

Venture Smarter is helping to define what a smart city means to you: Connectivity, Mobility, Security, Sustainability. Here is today's daily roundup of Smart City related news.


Smart Cities: A Tech-World to Bring Smart and Interconnected Technological Revolution

The innovative world of connectivity, information and communication technology (ICT), wireless sensors, and Internet of Things (IoT) are contributing to exponential growth in economies with industries such as manufacturing, automobiles, healthcare, energy & utility...



Gridlocked: Keeping Traffic Moving With New Technology

The four pillars of a smart city–connectivity, mobility, security, sustainability–have seen tremendous investments from cities globally. Northern Texas has specifically honed in on mobility efforts through their connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs), smart traffic lights, and traffic data sharing initiatives.



Cybersecurity needs to be a competitive advantage

Whether it is driverless cars, digitized banking services, or smart government services – cyber attacks are a real danger, making cyber security extremely important. Businesses in some industries are beginning to form strategic partnerships to better combat cyber threats.



Sustainability megatrends: edie explores the future of sustainable business

The 20-page “megatrends report” explores the business impact of five global forces related to developments in sustainability: climate change; technology and innovation; population growth and social change; urbanization and smart cities; and economic growth. Many of these trends are being addressed through smart technology.



Insights Are Key To The Future Of Data-Driven Smart Cities

Big data is an essential force in nearly all industries today, yet there is a fundamental question being addressed still: how do you interpret data? Without the proper insights and analysis, smart cities will fail to derive real-world value from collected data. The answer? It comes down to establishing city specific objectives...