Let's Talk Smart Cities - Daily Roundup - 5/18

Venture Smarter is bringing smart technology to cities everywhere to support city leaders, improve economies, and better the lives of residents. Here's our Daily Roundup of #smartcities related news.


Smart city development now a global phenomenon

Global smart city developments are official with +250 smart city projects underway throughout 178 cities around the world. A Smart City Tracker report shows that 40% of projects are smart-government focused, 27% energy, 18% transportation, 11% buildings, and 4% water.



Calgary takes one step closer to approving autonomous transit pilot

Calgary, the largest city in Alberta, Canada, is aiming to lead autonomous vehicle testing efforts. A meeting Wednesday focused on implications of future transit technologies such as drones, hyperloops and a low-speed autonomous vehicle pilot that may be rolling out soon.



Are Smarter Cities Making Us More Vulnerable To Cyber Crime?

Cities all around the world are investing in smart technologies to improve the lives of residents and streamline services. But has the race to make all things smart and interconnected introduced new potential security vulnerabilities that are being overlooked?


World Future Council report suggests 'building blocks' to reach 100% renewable energy

World Future Council released a report that outlines 10 "building blocks" for cities pursuing 100% renewable energy use. Through the lens of smart cities, there are +300 cities committed to the '100% goal' and no clear path to achieve it. This report offers some guidance and insight.


The need for 'smart' waste collection

Smart waste collection offers a valuable yet very practical example for cost savings and innovation through the internet of things. Real-time data can allow consumption-based pricing and pickup for residents which equates to personalized waste service and cleaner streets.