Let's talk smart cities - Daily Roundup - 5/19

Venture Smarter is using technology as a tool to improve outcomes for people - residents, businesses, institutions, and government agencies. 


How Telefonica Is Using IoT And Big Data To Build Smart Cities

Telefonica – the global mobile and broadband provider – is heavily invested in a number of smart city initiatives and pilots throughout cities in Spain. They identified six key “verticals” for their smart cities: parking, street lighting, refuse collection, environment, transport, and tourism.


The Time For Australia’s Smart Cities is Now

2017 is a ‘watershed year’ for the smart city industry, according to Australian council leaders. Australian leaders are striving to make the smart city jump by implementing platforms like IFTTT–If This, Then That– and from studying +10 years of lessons learned by other cities pursuing smart technology.


European data accelerator launched (for smart cities)

European-funded project, Data Pitch, is providing up to 50 start-ups and small businesses with £85,000 equity free funding, expert mentoring, investment opportunities, and access to data from established businesses to work on themes such as health, smart cities, and food and agriculture.


How ‘smart cities’ push IoT cybersecurity for state and local IT

Keen insight on the importance of local and state government involvement in smart city initiatives as well as what city leaders are requesting from IT vendors: to be patient. This will ensure the right standards are in place and the needs and safety of residents are prioritized.