Let's talk smart cities - Daily Roundup - 5/22

Venture Smarter is working with city and business leaders to bring smart city solutions to everyone. Here is our Daily Roundup for Smart City news.


World's first robocop starts work in Dubai

The world has witnessed the launch of the first operational ‘Robocop’ in Dubai today, which will be patrolling streets beginning tomorrow. This is a significant milestone in smart technology and a step forward for Dubai, a city aiming to be a global leader in smart cities.


Internet of Things World 2017 Recap – 8 Takeaways

Leaders in the world of Internet of Things (IoT) discussed the current and future state of IoT and how it may impact smart cities. From customer value concentration to edge/fog computing, the Internet of Things World 2017 conference inspired 8 important takeaways.



India launches 3 GSAT satellites in 18 months to boost internet speeds

The Indian Space Research Station (ISRO), at a new age of high-speed internet in India, will be launching three communications satellites in the next 18 months. These satellites will be driving the future of smart cities through faster and smoother internet connectivity at cheaper rates.



Smart cities market: Three factors to think about before going to town

Smart city initiatives look promising for all members involved including governments,  IT service providers, and residents. However, companies have three factors to consider before investing in smart cities: Multiple stakeholders, Overarching objectives, and Sustainability.


Citizens and Smart Cities

Many people have heard something about ‘smart’ cities, but perhaps are not entirely sure what a Smart City means? The University of Stirling is shifting perspectives and using “cutting-edge” research to view smart cities from the lens of citizens.