Let's talk smart cities - Daily Roundup - 5/24

Venture Smarter is bringing smart technology to businesses, city leaders, and residents across the world. Here is our Daily Roundup of Smart City news.


‘International regulations’ crucial to protect Smart Cities

As development and adoption of IoT tech increases, a soaring number of devices around the world remain unsecured and vulnerable to cyber attack. Global legislation and regulations are the missing ingredient in helping secure smart devices and substantially reduce risk.



Paper: Big data analytics for mitigating carbon emissions in smart cities

A paper, “Big data analytics for mitigating carbon emissions in smart cities: opportunities and challenges”, written by Sarah Giest, identifies opportunities and challenges around big data use in the context of smart cities, and more specifically, for mitigating carbon emissions.


China light and power plans to invest Rs 500 crore for a renewable energy project in Haryana

China Light & Power has offered to join hands with the Haryana government ( a state in India) to set up a  $77M USD renewable energy project. The key sectors for the investment explore skill development, healthcare, infrastructure, transport, smart cities and renewable energy.



Creating globalised smart cities requires a local approach

With an estimate of more than 26 "smart cities" globally by 2025, the scale and speed of urbanization are presenting many challenges. Challenges that need to be addressed locally - there is no one-size-fits-all approach to solving the infrastructural dilemmas of city planners.


How Helsinki is using 3D models to assist urban planners and citizens

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, has launched a new platform for its residents based on pioneering work with 3D modeling. It consists of a city information model (CIM)–that connects city asset data, and a 3D reality mesh–which is used for architectural planning and “visual stimulation”.