Let's talk smart cities - Daily Roundup - 5/30

Venture Smarter supports stakeholders on both sides of the emerging marketplace with proprietary tools and resources to support the planning of smart cities, connected campuses, and advanced facilities. Our community engagement programming aligns local and regional stakeholders around available resources and addressable opportunity areas. Here is our Daily Roundup of Smart City News.


How 'Made in India' technology can help save (India’s) water bodies

By 2025, India might just use up all the water it has with 150 lakes and 7 major river systems struggling to keep up with population growth. The use of smart meters and technology are becoming popular and encouraged as they may solve the water crisis across cities in India.



The Jetson’s Cyber Concerns – Future Smart Cities Cybersecurity Checklist

The fact is well known by now: as cities continue to grow smarter, they will also become easier to hack. To address the security dilemma, Trend Micro have developed a quick ten step cybersecurity checklist as a “gut check” when implanting new, smart technologies.


Energy and information sabotage: The threats facing our smart cities

Smart city development is in full swing, but it appears security measures are being left by the wayside. With so many cybersecurity threats—power grid attacks, radio signal jamming, traffic data abuse, malware, and ransomware—city planners and officials need to make sure security foundations are laid from the start.



Final conclusions from the OrPHEuS research project show the potential of hybrid energy grids for smart cities

Nine organizations from Germany, Austria, and Sweden collaborated in the European research project OrPHEuS, which investigated hybrid energy grids as a way to increase the usage of renewable energy in urban areas in a “resilient, flexible and cost-effective manner”.



KPMG Australia and Cisco team up in Australian smart cities push

KPMG Australia and Cisco have partnered up to focus on developing tools for leaders of smart city programs, including business case modeling, design thinking, smart city architecture, change management, data and analytics, solution design and implementation, cyber security, and more.